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About the Chef

From Picky Eaters to Little Chefs

Hello and welcome! My name is Joseph and I am the chef behind the "Picky Chefs" recipes. Mom and Dad created "Picky Chefs" when I refused to eat most foods after turning 2. Instead of eating, I liked to keep my mouth closed so no food can get in! That was a lot of fun! What I really wanted to do was to play with my food to find out what it is. I didn't want to eat it because I was scared that it would not taste good. But when Mom and Dad got me involved in making my own meals, and I could squash, smell, and taste the ingredients, I finally saw that there was nothing scary about food. Cooking is fun and I love to get dirty! I have created easy and delicious recipes that any kid can make and become a little chef too!




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